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Dear Charles,

I want to thank you, for the efficient and professional way you acted during the selling process of our Condominium at the Marina City Club.
We were impressed you were able to bring us a buyer six days after we gave you the listing. We had the listing with another agent for two months without even an offer. I appreciate that everything including the escrow were performed without short-cuts and each step was completed on time and documented so that there were no doubts from either the buyer or us, the seller, as to what the facts were.

I cannot thank you enough for making this transaction pleasant and easy.

An appreciative client.

— Al & Shirly Rucker, (Marina del Rey, CA)

Dear Charles:

Joan and I want to thank you for selling our penthouse in the Marina City Club, and for the manner in which it was done. As you know, we had it on the market for six months, with one of the "Major firms" in the Marina, and they were not able to get the job done.

Not only did you get it sold, but at "full price" and in only a few days. We had not sold a property in California prior to this, and heard horror stories of things that can happen. The manner in which you handled this transaction was very professional from beginning to end. Consequently, the transaction was explained thoroughly and your follow-up on every aspect put Joan and I at ease.


— Lewis Routbard, (Gardena, CA)

Dear Charles,

Thank you once again for doing a good job in handling the sale of our Marina City Club unit. We appreciate that you were able to get a high price and get the transaction closed. We chose to list with you because you also did a fine job on another unit we sold previously. We are aware that you looked after all the details including watching the escrow on a almost daily basis.

As we are in the real estate business ourselves we appreciate your professionalism and your courteous manner.


— Marty Apel & Joan Berlin, (Los Angeles, CA)

Charles Lederman :

I first met Charles by telephone at the end of June this year. I was in the process of interviewing various realtors for the purpose of listing my condominium for sale at the Marina City Club. Unlike any realtor at the time or any realtor I have ever dealt with Charles returned my call and gave me so much information so quickly that I was easily able to make an intelligent decision as to how to go about selling my unit.

The long and short of this letter is to say that I listed the unit with Charles he had it sold at a good price within three days to an investor who was willing to keep the tenant. Throughout the entire transaction Charles was proactive and contacted me kept me informed as well as watching out for the tenant.

Most notable Charles is knowledgeable about many aspects of real estate and taxation and was able to advise me and keep me informed as to how the transaction was moving along and how it would affect me, although he never failed to suggest to double check with my accountant or attorney. He is one of the few real estate people that is easily reachable and who will return your calls promptly.


— Morris Palana, (Long Beach, CA)

To whom it may concern:

I write this letter to the reader to let you know that I have found Charles Lederman to be a very straight forward honest individual and have observed that he is quite knowledgeable and talented in many aspects of the Real Estate field.

I have resided as a tenant at the Marina City Club for many years. My lease expired and I was on a month-to-month tenancy with a very good relationship with the landlord. I met Charles on June 29, 2004 when the landlord brought him to my unit and told me that Charles was going to represent him in selling the condo. Naturally I was concerned because this meant I would have to move.

Charles told me not to worry that he would find an investor/buyer so that I could stay on. I believe he would try but I was still worried. Three days later Charles brought a buyer to look at the unit and them came back a few hours later and told me that the gentleman was going to buy the unit and keep me as a tenant. Of course I felt good but was still worried.

Charles stayed active in making sure I had a new lease and that I was satisfied. I continued to reside in the unit with a new lease and I am grateful and happy this worked out so smoothly.


— Sam Gilbert, (Marina del Rey, CA)

Charles Lederman:

I have known and done business with Charles Lederman for approximately two years. Mr. Lederman has been my customer and also acted as my Real Estate Agent in several transactions. I have found Charles to be honest and straightforward in all our dealings. As a customer Charles was a pleasure to deal with and unusual in that he paid all invoices within one day of presentation.

As a real estate agent Charles has been extremely helpful in negotiating contracts, advising us and in helping to find lending sources when none seemed to be available for certain transactions we were entertaining.


— Ron Douglas, General Partner (Marina del Rey

Dear Charles:

I am an old lady, aged 94, and I have had considerable experience over the years, in dealing with real estate professionals, in both buying and selling properties.

Most of my experiences have been very positive. However, since I have gotten to know Charles Lederman I have become aware how much more care and attention he gives to a transaction to have it run smooth. Actually Charles Lederman came to me representing the buyer. However in our transactions he was, most certainly, equally concerned and very helpful to me, the seller.

I consider the team Charles and Kristina Lederman real winners, and wish them great success. They deserve it.

Very Sincerely,

— Sheila C. Ruby (Marina del Rey, CA)

Dear Charles:

I want to thank you for all your help in representing me in the purchase my condo in the Marina City Club. I love the unit and the process went so smoothly.

I was most impressed by your expediency in handling everything in such a short period of time. The fact that you live right in the complex and are so knowledgeable about the Marina City Club was invaluable. My husband and I were surprised and pleased that you took care of all details and went beyond your obligations to make sure that all repairs were made so that I could move in immediately.


— Peggy Ching, MD FACS (Beverly Hills, CA)

Dear Charles:

Thank you for helping me in purchasing my condo in the Marina City Club. I am enjoying the unit, the view and I love it here in the Marina City Club.

As you know I am in sales and know when I am being represented well. Your help with everything from finding a lender, the paperwork and even getting repairs done in the unit is sincerely appreciated.

Even though I was under the gun with a short time table, thanks to you, everything went very smoothly.


— Tina Todd, (Beverly Hills)

Dear Charles:

Thank you for your help in selling my condo at the Marina City Club. You have been a great agent in so many ways. Guiding me in the negotiations to purchase the unit eighteen months ago and then your help in the leasing aspect was invaluable.

In selling the unit you handled everything including advising me and referring me to exchange people and explain the intricacies of the transaction. I was able to make a nice profit and buy a place in Atlanta where I will soon be transferred.

Best regards,

— Joseph Mingori, (Manhattan Beach, CA)